Icons in Public Spaces

I have updated the list of Icons in Public Spaces, added some and corrected others.

Locations of Icons in Public Spaces

Let me know if you have any further updates and I will add them at a future date.


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Rostrevor Talks July 2017

The talks organized by Bruce Clark, secretary of The Friends of Orthodoxy on Iona, click here which took place on Monday 3rd July in An Cuan, Rostrevor click here were well received.

Eva Vlavianos spoke about “Byzantine/Greek Icons” and Colette Clarke spoke about “Icons of Irish Saints”.

Thanks to Bruce Clark for organizing these talks and chairing the interesting discussions and lively exchange of ideas afterwards.

Have a look at the photographs sent by Grainne McMacken and Dick Sinclair (see below):



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Eva Vlavianos returns to Ireland


We said farewell to Eva click here on the 10th June, at the end of our course in Emmaus, but fortunately Eva will be back in Ireland Monday week, 3rd July 2017.

Venue: An Cuan, Rostrevor, Co Down click here


16.00 – Icons of Irish Saints, speaker: Colette Clarke

19.00 – Greek/Byzantine Icons, speaker: Eva Vlavianos

Hope to see you there!

Check out below, some more comments and photos from the June 2017 Emmaus Icon Course:

“Congratulations to the Association of Iconographers Ireland for such an enjoyable week at Emmaus. Once again Eva displayed her wonderful talent.” Philip

“Eva’s graciousness towards the icon will always remain with me.” Donal

“Like Donal, I was moved to tears the way Eva talked and kissed the icon she was demonstrating. One funny moment was when I was having a bad day on Friday and I asked her what she does when that happens to her? I quote, ” Oh! that hasn’t happened me yet!”. That put me in my place.” Geraldine

“I would also like to say that it was really great to get the demonstration on varnishing from Eva and to get her positive response to my work which was very encouraging.” Adrienne


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Emmaus Icon Course June 2017

The Association had, once again, a very successful course in Emmaus, Co Dublin. Read some of the comments and thanks to all the participants for making the course so special. A special thanks to Clare McReynolds for the lovely photographs (see below).

Some comments on Eva’s course, June Emmaus 2017:

“Eva’s graciousness to each one of us and her untiring effort to get to everyone with help and advice.  She has such a high regard for the sacredness of her work and what the icon represents spiritually for prayer, reflection, contemplation, and the wonder of it all, that we cannot help but drink it in, and appreciate how honoured we are to have Eva as our tutor.  Sr Rose

As you know I had some reservations about taking Eva’s course as I thought that I might not be up to the standard required for the course. However, I found the course most helpful and also enjoyable and I think I learned a lot over the week Eva is such a skilful expert at iconography, she could see straight away where we were all at. She was so generous with her time and clearly wanted to help each and every one of us individually. Her demonstration of the face of Jesus was powerful and so also were her demos on doing the small faces on Kieran’s icon and the way she showed us the correct way to varnish an icon. I found Eva to be so kind, so willing to share her knowledge, so spiritual in herself and so respectful of peoples work.. I really felt privileged to be part of the course. Sinead

I was blown away by Eva’s demonstration of the two layer face!!!!!!!! Sooo want to try it! But you know everything about the course was brilliant. Each participant brought their own warmth and gentleness. Eva was, as ever, so giving of her time, energy and knowledge. I came with the goal of gaining Eva’s help and approval for my line drawing for the damaged areas of the Panselinos icon. Goal achieved! It was also a delight and privilege to see the beautiful work being done all around me. We are very fortunate to have such a sound association and the excellence Eva’s teaching. Thank you, and all the Association team, who give so much to make it the very special and blest organization that it is. Maddie

I enjoyed the course with Eva very much and came away on Wednesday afternoon feeling a sort of contentment. What appealed to me Colette, was not so much about the “Best” part or the “Highs” of the course it was about just being there and feeling allowed to just B.Eva was not nice to be liked; she is simply a nice person, with God at the centre of her being. Namaste, Paula

What strikes me about Eva is her reverence for her art. It is a reverence, which underlines the spirituality of each icon and gives the icon a life and presence that a painting does not necessarily have. It is this difference between a
painting and an icon that ultimately we learn from Eva. An icon can reach into our soul and I think that only the very greatest paintings can do that. I think also that Eva’s reverence for her art translates over into her reverence and respect for people. Peace, Denis

It was a joy to meet Eva. What struck me was how she communicated with the icon, frequently. She said something to me like don’t be afraid painting remember you are painting your love. Ann

One thing that stands out for me on all Eva’s courses is what I can only describe as “another world” where peace and quiet reign most of the time. Where there’s no swearing or idle talk. Where a community of like-minded people come together and share what ever they have, by giving their time, advice or their material’s freely no questions asked. Where you can get so far away reality you forget what is going on in the world. A place that most people dream of. Where every brush stroke in Eva’s eyes is a prayer, and your work has worth. It makes me wish every day was this. Now I am back to reality I can only remember that “other world”. Kieran


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Opening of The Exhibition of Holy Icons in St Fin Barre’s, Cork

On Thursday, the 1st June 2017, the Ver Rev Nigel Dunne officially opened the Exhibition of Holy Icons in St Fin Barre’s which runs for the month of June.

We had a lovely evening in the Cathedral and thoroughly enjoyed the warm welcome we received from the Cathedral staff, the Ver Rev Nigel Dunne and Canon Ted Ardis.

Thanks to Mary Fitzgerald and Teresa Boyce for organising this event and a big thanks to Séan de Barra for all the work he did in displaying the icons.

I do hope some of our members will get to see this beautiful exhibition in the wonderful St Fin Barre’s Cathedral. Have a look at St Fin Barre’s webpage for more details. click here


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Association Exhibitions 2017

As you all know by now, The Association of Iconographers Ireland is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. We will celebrate by hosting two exhibitions, one in St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork during June 2017 (see below) and in the Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo in September. The exhibitions will give the public an opportunity to share in the beautiful work of this vibrant faith community.

Eva Vlavianos, the Association’s Greek mentor is also set to visit Ireland in June to tutor a course for Association members.

Robert Storey, our Newsletter editor is putting together a special Newsletter looking over the last 25 years of the Association.

To find out about other events happening around the country, check the Newsletters and the Association’s blog page regularly. We will keep you posted!

The exhibition in St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Cork will be opening by the Dean, The Very Rev Nigel Dunne, at 18.30 on Thursday 1st June 2017 and will run for the month of June 2017.

There will also be demonstrations of the techniques involved in iconography by one of the iconographers each Saturday 11.00 – 13.00 for the month of June  

                                         For Cathedral Opening times click here




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From Heart to Heart Festival

The Festival runs from the 11th – 14th May, 2017 in Church of Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul, Harold’s Cross Rd., Dublin 6

Open: 10am – 8.00pm

Saint Elizabeth Convent, Minsk, Belarus is touring Ireland and the UK. Their concerts feature chants of the Orthodox Divine Liturgy as well as traditional spiritual songs.

For for further details click here or to check where you can here the choir singing, see the brochure below.

Belarus Sisters copy

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